ReadyOp Patient Tracking Details and Information

Patient Tracking Training was offered to all participating facilities September 19 and 20. If no one from your facility was able to attend, please follow up with Heather ( or Regan ( via email.

As you prepare for your exercise, please feel free to use these resources to access the patient tracking system and review the process to enter patients.

Access ReadyOp online – Once online, sign in with Username: MCI and Password: D3mo. This is the “user view”. From here you can view the Triage Training tab to review ReadyOp Forms app access (for mobile device entry), the Region 8 MCI Dashboard tab (for a regional view of entered patients), and the NEW TRIAGE tab (for entering new patients). The “user view” is the ONLY location where you can access patient information after it has been entered.

Access ReadyOp Patient Tracking Form – This link will take you directly to the patient tracking form used to enter new patients. This form can ONLY be used for entering patients and will not give the user any access to other patients. We recommend using this web linked form if you are entering patients from a laptop, desktop, or other windows devices that doesn’t have access to Apple or Android support applications.

Apple/IOS App  and   Android App – Mobile apps should be utilized by any users that plans to enter patients into the system from a mobile device. The web link form and website are not optimized for use on a mobile device. More clarity on instructions for accessing and using the apps can be found in the Triage Training tab as part of the “user view” of the ReadyOp website.